Chairside teeth whitening

Using whitening LASER LAMP

The whitening is performed by a dentist, because bleaching gels contain high concentration of carbamide and hydrogen peroxide and the achieved effect is visible immediately after the first treatment .
Whitening process is carried out based on the tooth structure, for tooth color lightness from two up to five shades.

Before and after teeth whitening.



Patient itself can perform the whitening process, at home, because there is a low concentration of the components in these gels. The patient will place the gel in stripes according to the dentist’s instructions and carry it for four hours a day, for several days. The final effect is satisfactory, but the period of reaching its full effect is much longer with respect to clinical teeth whitening. FILM IS MADE DURING THE SAME VISIT BASED ON PREVIOUSLY TAKEN DENTAL IMPRESSION AND RECEIVED DIRECTLY ON SPOT! The whitening effect on endodontically treated teeth or root canal treated teeth is not entirely satisfactory, as it is with natural teeth. Our clinic uses the latest dental bleaching products made by reputable manufacturers with excellent aesthetic effects (Opalessence Boost by Ultradent, Philips Dash Nite White).

8 Shades of bleaching

Minimal irritation

A small number of visits to the dentist

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