Serbia is an increasingly popular dental tourist destination for the citizens of Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and even Canada and the USA. One of the most popular destinations is naturally Belgrade, the capital city, known for its tourist attractions and often used as a holiday destination, which could be good combination of pleasant and useful. Lately, Belgrade visits more and more patients from other countries. The reason for this increased popularity in dental tourism is a significant difference in prices compared with Europe and the rest of the world. The development of dental tourism is influenced by the geographical location and transport infrastructure meaning that nowadays tourist are able to quickly and cheaply reach the desired destination. Local airline can provide you with a fast and inexpensive visit to Belgrade.

Holidays in Serbia are interesting as everyone can easily find something to enjoy. You can schedule various medical treatments, sightseeing the city, spend some time in the local cafes or simply walk around and absorb the beautiful views. For the money you put aside for dental services in Europe, you can come to Serbia (Belgrade) use dental services at our clinic, visit friends, go on a trip to other Serbian cities or sightseeing Belgrade and fully enjoy your good time in an atmosphere of comfort and entertainment.

We offer high quality treatments at affordable prices.

With us you can save up to 60-70%.

Our clinic offers not only high-quality treatments at affordable prices but also high-quality dental services. Our specialists have graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine, finished practice, specialized in the particular area and got the appropriate license. Dental practice BEOWHITEDENT is an advanced clinic, our dentists use the latest equipment and materials, speak foreign languages and have all-round education. Communication with the patient goes through e-mails, which proved most effective means of communication partially to avoid misunderstandings and also because it’s easier for patient to present more details. The patient describes the problem, enclose the ortopan footage of both jaws for our team of dentists to analyze and start drafting an approximate treatment plan. In a short time we’ll inform the patient which intervention should be done, as well as treatment duration and cost. When a patient decides to go with the treatment, we will schedule exact date and time of appointment. Usually dental treatment lasts for months and costs a lot. With us, on average, patients remain between seven and ten days, after which they leave happy - and with more beautiful smile. In some cases it is necessary to get 2 to 3 appointments, if some major surgery is needed followed by implant placement. In such cases, during the waiting period patients will use temporary crowns.

For example, 5 implants placement in Germany would cost around 15.000 Euro, in Belgrade the price would be between 3.000 and 4.000 Euro. Consultation and dental appointment in Europe would costs around 100 Euro, in Serbia it’s around 30 Euro and here at our clinic it is absolutely free. Our prices apply to all our patients regardless to the country they are coming from. We dedicate our full time and attention to all of our patients, especially if they come from another country, don’t speak our language or if they are not familiar with our culture. During your stay in our city, you can enjoy walks and visits and we will help you by pointing out what not to miss. In addition to sightseeing, we can recommend the best restaurants in town.

We can recommend accommodations close to the city center, which facilitates quick arrival to the clinic.

Please check these hotels: Hermes Apartments, Lucy, Best stay apartment, Hotel Bohemian Garni, Hotel Garni Petrov and some apartments as well.

APARTMENT HERMES (closest to our clinic).

To be able to help you find accommodation in time, the only thing we need from you is arrival confirmation at least one month prior to your first appointment. If you can not find suitable accommodation by yourself, we would be glad to help.

For any question related to the dental tourism (accommodation, transport, sightseeing) you can e-mail us on in Serbian, Russian and English.

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