What are we doing in periodontology?

What are we doing in periodontology?

Our main goal is to prevent the disease from its very beginning. With your cooperation we can do:

• During regular visits to the dentist, we control the health of your gums and teeth, in order to prevent further development of infection, if present.
• Recommended regular professional tooth cleaning in the dental clinic and removing hard and soft deposits on the teeth, which eliminate significant number of bacteria that can cause this disease.
• We will show you which parts of your teeth needs your special attention and how to properly floss.
If the diagnosed condition was developed form of periodontitis, you will get effective and timely treatment.

Periodontal treatment

The goal of periodontal treatment is to stop the inflammation so that the teeth do not lose their footing in the jaw. Therapy starts by measuring the value of the index for determining periodontal status and factors significant for the development of the disease.

Treatment includes:

• Thorough cleaning of all surfaces of the teeth as well as the space between the teeth
• Removing bacterial depots from periodontal pockets
• Thorough polishing of all tooth surfaces
• And if necessary removing the inflammatory tissue by curettage.

If teeth are just slightly present in the bone, if the bone withdrew from cervical level, we’ll try to strengthen them with bone augmentation.

The therapy is painless and comfortable for the patient, periodontal pockets are cleaned with fine instruments and for a large number of patients this kind of treatment is sufficient, so there is no need for surgical intervention.

If periodontal pockets are too deep, and gingivitis is not treated, pockets can be cleaned with surgical intervention and wound stitching.

Generally, periodontal infections are treated by these treatments and it is sometimes necessary for patients to use antibiotics in order to act on the aggressive bacteria presence, initially responsible for the infection. The number and presence of these bacteria can be established with microbiological tests. In addition, there are microbiological and genetic tests that can be done because it is assumed that periodontal disease is hereditary, so that patients who have a genetic predisposition for the disease must come more often for dental check-up and professional teeth cleaning for preventive reasons.

Careful monitoring

Periodontal disease is a chronic disease and once formed cannot be restored. It depends entirely on you whether the condition will be kept at the same level or it will continue to expand further.

The most important issues are:
• To implement good oral hygiene
• Coming to regular dental check-ups
• And professional teeth cleaning by a dentist.

Risk factors for periodontal disease are:

• Poor dental hygiene
• Smoking
• Genetic predisposition
• Stress
• Chronic diseases (diabetes).

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