Resection (shortening of the root tip) is performed when the root canal treatment is not sufficient in cases when an infection at the top of the tooth root occur.

Reasons for shortening the top of the root may be:

- If the teeth roots are irregular in shape (too curved).
- If aggressive bacteria get on the top of the branched root canal system and cannot be removed.
- Advance infection had spread from the top of the root to the jawbone, creating the pathological process around the tip of the root canal and has not been eliminated by root canal treatment. For example, if the nerve is destroyed due to necrosis or gangrene.

In these cases, the root resection is the only way to save the tooth from extraction. Few millimeters will be surgically removed from the root tip and along with it the infected tissue. If this procedure heals the infection the tooth can be saved in the jaw for a long period of time.

Apicoectomy is not always the best solution. For example, if the inflammatory process on the root tip is too progressive, it is better to extract the tooth and replace it with an implant or to make a dental bridge.

If there is a need for such intervention, we are here to advise you what would be the best procedure for you!

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